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  • sun run team

    Meet the Sun Run 2021 Team!

    With less than 1 week to go until the Sun Run 2021 event takes place and the new collection drops, we thought that we should introduce you to some of the team that will be running under the midnight sun in Finland! Here are some profiles for the key team members taking part in the [...] More  →
  • YMR Track Club and Karhu

    YMR Track Club & Karhu in a unique collaboration!

    This June, “The Sun Run” will be launched, a unique collaboration between YMR Track Club and Karhu. Together, they release a limited collection and carry out the Sun Run Event, which was last held in 1987. Karhu.com   Over 30 years ago, the Sun Run was held. The race that took place under the midnight [...] More  →
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