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  • Running under the midnight sun

    Sun Run the movie

    Running under the midnight sun with friends. The Sun Run Midnight Running Experience was special. This is the story.  Running and sports in general is so much more than chasing seconds, being at the top of the podium and perform at your very best; It’s also about experience new places, getting to know new people, …

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  • The Sun Run Limited Edition Collection – Look book

    The original Sun Run race took place over 30 years ago from the northernmost parts of Finland to Sweden under the Midnight Sun. now in 2021, together with Karhu, we have created the limited edition Sun Run collection which is a tribute to the classic race. The collection includes singlets, t-shirts and sweatshirts for men [...] More  →
  • The Sun Run 2021: Day 3 Journal from Lappland

    Our third and final day of the Sun Run Weekend began with some light training drills at base camp, led by YMR Track Club Founder and former Olympic athlete Peter Häggström. A group session working on our running technique and learning some small details which can help athletes gain that extra tenth of a second [...] More  →
  • The Sun Run 2021: Day 2 Journal from Rovaniemi

    Day 2 in beautiful Rovaniemi and the Sun has now joined us for the Sun Run Weekend! Looking to make the most of the weather, the team heads out early for the morning running session.   Sun Run Ladies T Shirt | Sun Run Ladies Singlet | Sun Run Men's Singlet   This morning was [...] More  →
  • The Sun Run 2021: Day 1 Journal from Rovaniemi

    The Sun Run Weekend has officially begun as the teams from YMR Track Club & Karhu meet up at the camp in Rovaniemi. Although two brands are based in Sweden & Finland respectively, the teams are made up of runners and brand representatives from all over the globe. We have teams members joining from the [...] More  →
  • sun run team

    Meet the Sun Run 2021 Team!

    With less than 1 week to go until the Sun Run 2021 event takes place and the new collection drops, we thought that we should introduce you to some of the team that will be running under the midnight sun in Finland! Here are some profiles for the key team members taking part in the [...] More  →
  • The Sun Run 2021: All you need to know!

    What is The Sun Run? Over 30 years ago, in 1987, the 'Sun Run' event took place. A run along the Swedish and Finnish border as a celebration of the camaraderie between the two neighbouring countries, all under the light sky of the Summer Solstice. The Sun Run was created to bring people together to [...] More  →
  • YMR Track Club and Karhu

    YMR Track Club & Karhu in a unique collaboration!

    This June, “The Sun Run” will be launched, a unique collaboration between YMR Track Club and Karhu. Together, they release a limited collection and carry out the Sun Run Event, which was last held in 1987. Karhu.com   Over 30 years ago, the Sun Run was held. The race that took place under the midnight [...] More  →
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