Welcome to YMR Track Club's B2B trading platform. We offer business customers the opportunity to purchase premium products for running and training. To shop on our B2B portal, please note the following conditions:


We offer business customers the opportunity to purchase premium products for running and training. To shop on our B2B portal, please note the following conditions:

Login: Use your login details to login to our B2B platform at ymrtrackclub.com. You find it in the upper right corner on the website .

Prices: We offer payment in the following currencies: Sweden (SEK), Norway (NOK), EU (Euro) and for the rest of the world (USD). Prices vary depending on market and currency. All prices in our B2B platform are shown excluding VAT.

Orders: Scroll the collection set up for you and submit your order. As the order has been placed you will get a confirmation email and an invoice sent to the registered email.

To trade B2B, the order value needs to be at least SEK 18,000/NOK 18,000 /€1800/USD 1800/is mandatory to maintain B2B prices. It is also indicated per product how many products per size are required to shop at B2B prices. Pre-orders are generally placed five months in advance. Pre orders are binding.

Payment terms: For repeat customers, you can also choose to pay by invoice. Then you select "invoice" when the order is placed and it is then created manually by us and sent out to the specified email address. Payment terms are net thirty (30) days from the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. New customer always pay in advance. Payment terms are net thirty (10) days from the invoice date and the order is shipped when the payment has been made.

Delivery: We offer free delivery for all orders over 40,000 SEK/40,000 NOK/4000 €/4000 USD. Delivery times are generally 3-5 days in Europe and 5-7 days to the rest of the world. For pre-orders, the customer is continuously informed about the delivery date. All orders are sent from our warehouse in Sweden. For orders below the free shipping limit, the cost for shipping is 2% of the order value in Europe and 3% of the order value outside Europe.

Returns: Any returns must be made within thirty (30) days in original packaging and in undamaged condition. Customized goods are exempt from the right of return.

Other terms: By submitting an order, you agree to the B2C sales terms presented on this page.

- Any use of the YMR Track Club brand for marketing purposes requires our prior approval.

- YMR Track Club’s products are designed, manufactured and developed by the YMR Track Club who also owns the full rights to these products and their trademarks.

- The retailer must sell and distribute the products in the original packaging in which the manufacturer has packaged the products.

- The retailer must at all times work to nurture and be a good ambassador for YMR Track Club AB.

- The retailer should work to comply with the current recommended retail price (RRP) that the manufacturer show on the D2C platform.

- The retailer may not resell or sell the products to third parties or platforms without the written consent of the manufacturer.

- Any SALE (discounts) of products should be discussed with the manufacturer.

- If any party materially violates any point of this Agreement, the other Party has the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and to receive reasonable damages.

- If the manufacturer terminates its business, this retailer agreement will terminate and no damages to the retailer will be paid.


Neither party to this agreement will indemnify the other party for damage or financial loss incurred as a result of strikes, fires, wars, natural disasters or other circumstances beyond the control of a party and which a party could not reasonably be expected to anticipate and / or whose consequences party could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

We look forward to a successful collaboration and to together promoting an active lifestyle with products of the highest quality. Welcome to the club!