On the week of Stockholm's Half Marathon, we know that many of our loyal customers will be racing. So we asked YMR Track Club Brand Ambassador, and Swedish Marathon record holder Mustafa Mohamed for his top tips for running a half marathon. As well as what he enjoys about the distance. Be inspired and read on…

1. How much running should you do in the days leading up to the race?

Not much!

The last days before the race it's better to do too little training than
too much. So get your rest and trust the prepartion you have done up to this point.

2. What should you eat the night before and morning of the race?

The night before you can eat more carbohydrate based food eg. pasta, rice, potatoes and less protein eg meat, chicken, fish. The morning of race day is good to eat a light breakfast. Avoid trying something new, just eat what you are used to eating.

IMAGE: Deca Text Och Bild

3. What does your race day kit look like? - Do you ever make last minute changes?

I pack clothes for different types of weather and I actually don't decide until the morning which kit I will race in. Always YMR Track Club kit though! This season's racing gear is the best yet.

4. What do you enjoy most about running the half marathon distance?

I love the half marathon because it´s a perfect distance. It's long and challenging, but It's not as long and challenging as a marathon of course which can make it more enjoyable. Preparation time is shorter and compared to a marathon, recovery time for me is quicker. 


This weekend our team will have a stand at Stockholm Half Marathon race expo with a range of our performance wear collection available to shop. Come along, meet the team and be part of our growing community of athletes.