YMR Track Club was founded in 2017 when the Olympic athlete in track & field, Peter Häggström Lindecrantz produced an anniversary collection for the sports club IK Ymer in connection with their 100th anniversary. Peter, who competed for the club throughout his sports career, got a taste for it and decided to design more garments. The result was an entire collection and the formation of YMR Track Club.


The club IK Ymer is also comes from Sjuhäradsbygden and was formed in 1917. The name comes from the giant Ymer in Nordic mythology. He was the athlete who carried the earth on his shoulders as earth was created in the collision between ice and fire. The club has a solid history of sports achievements in various sports on the merit list. For several years it was also a very prominent running club.

“I have loved track & field since I was a child and have competed in some of the biggest arenas around the world. My other big interest is fashion. I grew up in Sweden's textile district, Sjuhärad, where my grandfather Holger once owned a shirt factory. It feels undeniably cool to now carry on the legacy and create locally produced premium performance wear for the modern athlete."

Peter Häggström Lindecrantz,

Founder & CEO


We produce all (!) Of our fabrics here in Sweden's Textile District Sjuhärad and have part of the sewing also here in the western part of Sweden. Sustainability is constantly in focus.

Our main sales channel is our website, but we also work with carefully selected retailers in Sweden, Australia, Japan, USA and Germany.


YMR Track Club's DNA comes from track & field, although our clothes obviously work for many different sports. In track & field, a hundredth or centimeter can be the difference between success and failure. This attitude characterizes our design and production where every detail is important as we create functional solutions and innovative fabrics that facilitate, for example, running.

We test the garments ourselves together with athletes at the highest elite level to achieve the best possible results. For example, the running legend and the Swedish record holder at the marathon Mustafa "Musse" Mohamed is one of those who is involved in testing and developing our range. Musse is the holder of the Swedish record in both the 3000 meter steeplechase with 8:05.75 and in the marathon with 2:10.03.