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  • YMR Track Club finalist in Show Up Fashion Award

    Today it´s official that YMR Track Club is one of the finalists in the prestigious Show Up Fashion Award! Together with four other fashion brands we compete in the final on November 15.  Today, we took part in the press conference for Show Up Fashion Award in Stockholm together with the other finalists. The winner wins …

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  • Because we want to run today and tomorrow

    We are athletes that have a passion for running and fashion. Our ambition is to create something different, something new. We call our premium sportswear “slow fashion for fast people”. For us, running is not a sport, it´s a lifestyle. YMR Track Club is different. We design and knit our collection locally here in the …

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  • Ladies Track Attack

    Track Attack Stadium

      Stadiums around the world are different from each other; Big, small, modern, retro, made from wood, bricks, concrete, located in the forest, by the ocean or in the city. It´s the same thing with the track. They vary in materials like mondo, tartan, grass or even sand. But one thing always stays the same; …

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  • Track Attack Socks Navy

    Late summer in Stockholm

    It´s late August and the time is 06:30 AM. Stockholm is waking up and we are almost alone at the Norr Mälarstrand shoreline. We only meet some runners that also have discovered this magical place for morning runs. We are waiting for runners Charlotte Karlsson and Pär Arvered. The 13-14 degrees Celsius feel quite cool …

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  • YMR Track Club at The Lobby

    Now you can find us at The Lobby at Regeringsgatan 61 in Stockholm. The Lobby is a pop-up concept with several hot brands in the heart of Stockholm´s Shopping district. At The Lobby, you can buy the main part of our collection, like for example our running collection Norr Mälarstrand. Read more about The Lobby …

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  • YMR Track Club in New York

    We met up with runners Ashley and Kevin from New York and went for a run in the city that never sleeps. What a magical run it was!  And what a beautiful scenery in our running collection Norr Mälarstrand.  The collection Norr Mälarstrand has a strong connection to one of the world´s most beautiful cities …

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  • Stockholm City Run

    Norr Mälarstrand – inspired by a classic victory

    We are now launching the collection Norr Mälarstrand. This is a premium sportswear collection that takes us back to our roots. The inspiration comes from an outstanding performance in the Stockholm City Run in 1950. This is also a collection where move our position forward in sustainability. Running is in our DNA at YMR Track …

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  • Västerbron

    Running in a Stockholm winterland

    Stockholm in February. Snowy and cold. But also beautiful. We went running in the cold  over the bridge “Västerbron” and along the sea at “Norr Mälarstrand”. We think that it´s one of the most beautiful runs. The result can you see here.   A lot of our DNA at YMR Track Club is in running. The …

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  • In the studio with Filip

    Filip Kaspersen Lamprecht lives in Florida with his girlfriend Peg. As he was visiting Sweden, we took the opportunity to shoot some photos in our studio. As Filip is a former basketball player, we thought that it was a good idea to use a basketball in some of the photos. Here you can see a …

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  • YMR Track Club in Vogue!

    We are happy and proud that the very famous fashion magazine, Vogue makes a tribute to YMR Track Club. The fact that they like our “slow fashion for fast people” gives us a lot of confidence for the future. The article show our potential to reach out with our fashion that is designed and knitted in …

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