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  • Stockholm City Run

    Norr Mälarstrand – inspired by a classic victory

    We are now launching the collection Norr Mälarstrand. This is a premium sportswear collection that takes us back to our roots. The inspiration comes from an outstanding performance in the Stockholm City Run in 1950. This is also a collection where move our position forward in sustainability. Running is in our DNA at YMR Track …

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  • Västerbron

    Running in a Stockholm winterland

    Stockholm in February. Snowy and cold. But also beautiful. We went running in the cold  over the bridge “Västerbron” and along the sea at “Norr Mälarstrand”. We think that it´s one of the most beautiful runs. The result can you see here.   A lot of our DNA at YMR Track Club is in running. The …

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