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  • grå collegetröja

    Just in from the fall collection: Ragge Sweatshirt

    Just as we have endured the first really cold fall days here in Northern Europe, it is time for us to release another piece from YMR Track Club's fall collection: Ragge Sweatshirt. A classic gray sweater with our logo placed over the chest.     RAGGE SWEATSHIRT - IN HOMAGE TO THE COACH   Ragge [...] More  →
  • Fall is coming with news

    YMR Track Club was founded two years ago as a celebration to a sports club on their 100th anniversary. This ”fun project” have developed to something much more. Fall is coming with many new collaborations, a new collection and other initiatives to build a premium and sustainable performance wear. I would like to say ”thank …

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  • Launch of Vallen Black Collection

    Now we launch the second part of our spring collection! “Vallen Black Collection” is a collection of black performance wear with a sports bra and short tights. They are made of a premium fabric that handles the demands of functionality and sustainability from both the long distance athlete and explosive athlete. We have found our …

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  • SPRING 2019

    The new collection is here!

    Spring has arrived as well as our new collection of performance wear. We have brought the best parts from our other collections and sharpened important details. By adding new colours, we have created a collection that is 25 % lighter,  faster and better.   Here, up in the north, we have a special relationship to spring …

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  • Report from Musse in Ethiopia

    Since a few weeks back is Mustafa “Musse” Mohamed in Ethiopia to run with some of the best runners in the world to build a platform for this year´s season. Here is a report from the super runner.  Musse in 1984 Plush Sweatshirt Mustard Hi everyone! My workout is going well here in Sululta, 10 km outside …

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  • The super runner is our new ambassador

    World class runner Mustafa “Musse” Mohamed chooses to run in YMR Track Club. We took a chat with the new ambassador about running, prejudice and targets for next season.  You have accomplished so much. As for example, you became Swedish Champion for the first time 16 years ago. Which is your best memory from your career? …

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  • Track Attack Socks Navy

    Late summer in Stockholm

    It´s late August and the time is 06:30 AM. Stockholm is waking up and we are almost alone at the Norr Mälarstrand shoreline. We only meet some runners that also have discovered this magical place for morning runs. We are waiting for runners Charlotte Karlsson and Pär Arvered. The 13-14 degrees Celsius feel quite cool …

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  • YMR Track Club in New York

    We met up with runners Ashley and Kevin from New York and went for a run in the city that never sleeps. What a magical run it was!  And what a beautiful scenery in our running collection Norr Mälarstrand.  The collection Norr Mälarstrand has a strong connection to one of the world´s most beautiful cities …

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  • In the studio with Filip

    Filip Kaspersen Lamprecht lives in Florida with his girlfriend Peg. As he was visiting Sweden, we took the opportunity to shoot some photos in our studio. As Filip is a former basketball player, we thought that it was a good idea to use a basketball in some of the photos. Here you can see a …

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