100 years of sports and fashion

YMR Track Club was founded in 2017 by Olympic athlete Peter Häggström Lindecrantz as a celebration to his former sports club IK Ymer on their 100th anniversary. Peter made an updated version of the club´s track suite from the 70s. It turned out really well and Peter started designing more garments. YMR Track Club was founded as well as ymrtrackclub.com. Only a few months later YMR Track Club appeared in fashion magazine Vogue. What had been a project mostly for fun suddenly became much more. Today, we have customers from all over the world shopping our premium and sustainable performance wear.

We design and knit everything in the textile district “Sjuhärad” in Västergötland, Sweden and use a lot of recycled materials. Here, people have had the expertise of producing high quality fabrics and fashion for generations and Sjuhärad is still the centre of Swedish fashion and textile. Our ambition is to create classic and premium performance wear for sports as that works at other occasions like to the office or when going out.


We get a lot of attention for our local production model and for working with sustainability. Here are some examples of the work we are doing:

  • We knit all our fabrics locally in Sweden. Sewing is made locally in Sweden and in the Baltics. The longest we ship from factory to our warehouse in Sweden is 520 km.
  • Our collection “Norr Mälarstrand” is made from polyester from recycled PET-bottles. Our suppliers are certified with Global Recycled Standard.
  • The factory is certified in accordance with GOTS (global organic textile standard), which has strict standards for the environment and health and safety.
  • The factory is ISO 14001 certified for environmental management.
  • All fabrics are certified in accordance with ÖKO-TEX class 1.
  • The dye-works does not use toxic dyestuffs and has a closed system whereby water and heat, for example, are re-used.
  • The factory have an environmental audit every year.
  • Our transfer prints FX have the highest eco-standard in the business. They are free from PVC and certified bluesign®, OEKO-TEX® class 1.


YMR Track Club is sold mostly here at our website and at pop up events. We are also present in Tokyo at Runarx Running Company and in Barcelona at Cuylas. You can also find our performance wear at legendary NK Stockholm. If you want to read more about our terms and conditions click HERE.

The name YMR is an abbreviation of Ymer, which derives from the giant Ymer of the Nordic mythology. The giant Ymer was a true athlete and carried the world on his shoulders after the earth was created during a collision between fire and ice.


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