Track Attack Socks (Eng)

Measure like this

Foot length

Place the garment on a flat surface and measure from toe tip to heel end.


Shaft Length

Measure from the heel to the opening of the sock.






SizeFoot LengthShaft Length
EU 37-39/ UK 5-6 /US 6-718 cm / 7.09 inches35 cm / 1 feet and 1.78 inches
EU 40-42 / UK 7-9 / US 7.5-920 cm/ 7.87 inches37 cm / 1 feet and 2.57 inches
EU 43-45 / UK 10-12 / US 9.5-1222 cm / 8.7 inches38 cm / 1 feet and 2.96 inches

All measurements are in centimeters. 1 cm = 0,394 inches

Track Attack Socks Mustard


training socks

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Size Guide

Track Attack Socks are training socks in mustard with compression made for running. Now we launch them again and this time with full compression and in three sizes. These running socks in mustard are Made in Sweden. They can handle the friction that occurs in the shoe when running fast. The compact knitting gives a good support to the calves and the periosteum. They come in navy and mustard and have two stripes up at the knee. They match perfectly with for example Shinjuku Men’s shorts in navy or the Änggården Ladies Shorts Navy. They are unisex socks and knee high. Sizes are 37-39/40-42 and 43/45. Back on the achilles tendon you find our YMR TC logo.

  • Made in Sweden
  • Full compression
  • Three different sizes
  • Unisex
  • ÖKO-certified
  • 99 % polyamide/1 % lycra
  • Logo in burgundy

Made in Sweden

These training socks in mustard from YMR Track Club are made in Sweden. Track Attack Socks are a part of our track attack collection of premium performance wear with singlets for him and her and a Track Attack Hoodie. Now we have updated Track Attack Socks for better functionality and feeling. With full compression socks you get that support you need for running.

Stride length x frequency: Running fast is simple and difficult at the same time. It’s on the track that we run the fastest. Here, runners attack the fast surface and the foot is work hard the gain pace. That is why we have developed these premium training socks with full compression that can handle the strains in the shoe when running fast. We are very proud to be able to make these Track Attack Socks locally in the textile district of Sweden, Sjuhärad. Because we want to run today and we want to run tomorrow.

training socks


Three, two, one, the feet lifts from the ground, the TRACK ATTACK compression socks tightens the grip around the calves and the runners take off. Thoughts that used to fill out the mind like e-mails, what’s for dinner, meetings, updates on Facebook, are suddenly gone. The only thing they seem to care about is out to get forward. The Track Attack Singlets feel as a nice cooler. Every time we pass the finish line, it feels like we’ve added yet another world record to the list of  more than 80 world records set here at Stockholm Olympic Stadium. We can hear the cheering from the crowds from the past and the strides from the legends that sprinted the same paths in 1912. Today we are on the track, in the Track Attack Collection.

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