Track Attack Singlet Woman (Eng)

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Track Attack NM Ladies Singlet Light Blue

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Track Attack NM Ladies Singlet Light Blue, is a light blue running singlet for women. It’s made from a premium fabric of 95 % polyester out of recycled PET and 5 % elastane. The fabric weighs just 130 grams/m² and is made especially for running. The singlet has a rounded cut at the bottom and the fitting is normal. Ribbons and shoulders in white with a pink logo on the chest. Reflex on the back. The model is 165 cm tall and wears size Small. 





Aiming for flow

Track Attack NM Singlet is a light blue running singlet for ladies. No sport is simpler than running. One step after the other. Faster, longer and towards new goals. People run all over the world – old, young, tall, short, men, women and children. We run in crowded cities, we attack fast tracks in stadiums, we run on the beach, in the mountains and in the deep calm forrest. The simplicity of the sport fascinates and motivates us, but also makes us terrified and the same time. It’s tough! Every runner is aiming for flow. That’s when everything is working smoothly. Mind and legs are working together in a perfect harmony. Track Attack NM Singlet is a ladies running singlet in blue for those magical moments of flow.

Recycled and 25 % lighter

Treadmills and sweaty gyms might work from time to time especially in the winter. But it’s outdoors we find the best flow. Running is something else when it’s warm outside and you run on a fast track with only a cool breeze. Track Attack NM Ladies Singlet has an amazing feeling against the body as the runners attack the first curve in the oval office. These moments are the ones that are high lighted in the running diary.

We have made the premium fabrics in this light blue running singlet 25 % lighter. It’s made from recycled PET-bottles and is knitted locally here in the textile district of Sweden. Simplicity and sustainability is high up the agenda when creating our running singlets. Style with Norr Mälarstrand Shorts and Track Attack Socks.


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