SINCE 1917

YMR Track Club was founded in 2017 as former olympic track & field athlete Peter Häggström Lindecrantz developed a collection to his sports club IK Ymer in conjunction with their 100th birthday. Peter, who represented the club through his entire career got so inspired and designed more pieces. The result was an entire collection of performance wear and the foundation of YMR Track Club.

A few month later, YMR Track Club was acknowledged in Vogue Runway. This led to more customers from around the world and suddenly YMR Track Club was much more than “a fun project on the side”.

”As long as I can remember, I have had a great interest in sports fashion and have collected garments from championships and training camps from different parts of the globe over the years as an athlete and sports commentator. At YMR Track Club, our aim is to be a role model in creating functional performance wear with a unique fashion image that are both locally knitted and sustainable”,

–  Founder & CEO Peter Häggström Lindecrantz.


The sports club IK Ymer is present in the Sjuhärad district and was founded in 1917. The name derives from the giant Ymer in the Nordic mythology. He was the athlete that carried the world on his shoulders as he was born in the collision between ice and fire. The club has a massive history of sports achievements over the years with medals from Olympic Games and World Championships in different sports. The club has also been a successful running club over the years.

 YMR Track Club’s DNA is from track & field even if our performance wear is worn by everyone that loves sports. In track & field every hundred of a second or centimeter counts and can be the difference between success and failure. This mindset affects the design of YMR Track Club as we create solutions for functionality and fabrics that simplifies movement patterns in for example running. Getting that light feeling is always we focus on.

We test our performance ourselves and together with athletes on the highest level of sports to get the best results. For example is super runner Mustafa Mohamed one of our ambassadors that tests and help us develop new garments. He holds the Swedish records in the 3000m Steeplechase with 8:05.75 and the marathon with 2:10.03.

YMR Track Club is designed and knitted in the textile district Sjuhärad in Sweden. Here, the fashion- and textile knowledge is inherited for generations. Sustainability is high up on our agenda. Read more about our local production and sustainability approach HERE.

Our mains ales channel is, but we also collaborate with selected retailers in Sweden, Germany, Tokyo, Barcelona, Madrid and Australia.

The Sun Run 2021: In collaboration with Karhu

In the Summer of 2021, YMR Track Club entered into a unique collaboration with renowned Finnish running brand Karhu.

The Sun Run took place under Lappland’s midnight sun, traversing from Rovaniemi, Finland down and across the Swedish boarder. The original event which took place in 1987, inspired a new collaboration between Sweden’s YMR Track Club and Finland’s Karhu to release a clothing collection and bring the Sun Run back to life!


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