Västanede Merino LS Navy



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Long sleeve base layer made from 100 % merino wool

Expected to be launched in January

With the Västanede Merino LS, we have not compromised on anything. Created from 100% merino wool, designed and knitted in Sweden. This is a garment built for intense training. The sweater keeps you warm and dry, and with its composition of the finest wool fibers, the sweater is incredibly comfortable against the skin. The wool’s unique properties keep you protected regardless of climate. The sweater is also designed to retain warm air and become thermostatic. The wool warms in a cooler climate, but can also retain cool air to keep the runner cool in warm weather. Therefore, this is an optimal training garment for all seasons.

  • 100% merino wool
  • Very soft and comfortable material
  • Knitted in Sweden
  • Mulesing-free wool
  • ÖKOTEX Standard 100
  • Moisture transporting properties
  • Half zip on front
  • Tight fit
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Wash separately in wool program 30 degrees only if stains need to be removed

How to handle a wool garment:

The wool long sleeve does not need to be washed in the same way as many other garments. You can simply air-out the garment as the wool has self-cleaning and bactericidal properties. If bobbles start to appear then you can use a wool comb to remove them and the garment will feel new and fresh again. If you have accidentally washed the wool garment at too high a temperature, there is an opportunity to stretch it slightly. Put the garment in a water (max. 30 ° C) with hair conditioner for about 45 minutes, then gently pull on the garment so that it becomes larger. This may take some time, but the balm has an effect on the wool that can help. If you handle the wool garment correctly, it will last a long time.

Västanede Trails

This merino base layer long sleeve is named after the region, Jämtland’s forests in the northern parts of Sweden, where a senseless running career took off. In the book Frontlöparen, the author Björn Lundberg writes about the runner Gunder Hägg who during the years 1938-1945 set 15 individual world records in the middle distance. Among Jämtland’s forests and mountains, in the small community of Västanede, the foundation was laid for this fantastic running career. On a farm near Västanede, Gunder Hägg was a farmhand at a young age and here he also received guidance from the farmer Fridolf Westman, who became his coach.

Between the work shifts on the farm, Gunder ran intervals and distance shifts among bogs and slopes in the beautiful but also physically demanding Jämtland landscape in the northern parts of Sweden. Regardless of the season, Gunder was out in the woods and trails and just like the farm’s former farmhand, Henry Jonsson, Gunder became a world class runner. At that time, the training was adapted to the environment and the season, which meant that there was also a lot of skiing for Gunder Hägg. Trail running was not in their vocabulary at the time, but it was already understood then that running in this kind of environment built both character and physique to run on the fast track during the summer months, where they even broke world records.

100% merino wool knitted in Sweden

In the development of our new wool collection, we have been inspired by life as a runner in Västanede in Jämtland. The running in our Nordic climate, the seasons and not least the mighty nature in the north with the forest and mountains, are the basis for our first wool garments. The fabrics are very soft and comfortable and the garments are created to keep you warm and dry without feeling clumsy. These are clothes for trail running but they work in many different environments and for many different sports. This is a merino base layer long sleeve made of a fabric that we have knitted here in Sweden. The sweater looks great together with for example the Åsunden Insulation Tights Navy and the running gloves Åsunden Gloves Navy.

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