Ragge Sweatshirt (Eng)

Measure like this

1/2 Chest width

Place the garment on a flat surface. Measure 1 cm / 3/8" beneath the arm pit to the other side of the garment (1 cm / 3/8" beneath the armpit).

Sleeve length

Measure from the center back of the neckline at the seam to where the sleeve ends.

Back length

Measure from the center back of the neckline at the seam to where the garment ends.

Size1/2 Chest widthSleeve lengthBack length
XS50 cm / 19 5/8"85 cm / 33 1/2"61 cm / 24"
S52 cm / 20 1/2"86,50 cm / 34 1/16"63 cm / 24 3/4"
M54 cm / 21 1/4"88 cm / 34 5/8"65 cm / 25 5/8"
L57 cm / 22 1/2"90 cm / 35 3/8"67 cm / 26 3/8"
XL60 cm / 23 5/8"92cm / 36 1/4"69 cm / 27 1/8"

Measurements are in centimeters (cm) first followed by inches (").

Ragge Sweatshirt Green

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Size Guide

Classic green sweatshirt for men.

Ragge Sweatshirt is a classic green sweatshirt with our logo in navy placed centrally over the chest. This green sweatshirt is designed and knitted in Sjuhärad in western Sweden, just like all other pieces in YMR Track Club’s collection. This fabric blend is knitted using 98% high quality cotton and the remaining 2% polyamide in order to create a quality with just the right amount of stretch in it. This also gives the fabric an incredibly smooth feel against the skin. We are proud over the great quality found in this locally produced fabric. This green sweater has a loose and comfortable fit. Ragge Sweatshirt goes perfectly together with our Åsunden Shorts in black or why not pair them with a pair of jeans.

The model is 183/6’0″ cm tall and wears size Medium. 

Morning Run – Casual Sunday

The inspiration for this green sweatshirt for men comes from those early Sunday mornings – no other day begins in such contradictory fashion. You slowly open your eyes as the sun is rising. The brain instinctively reacts to waking up by pulling the comforter over your head. But the coach’s note in the workout schedule can’t be misinterpreted: Sunday morning means it is time for a long run. This is the workout that above all else is defined by a love-hate relationship. Soon your body will be begging for mercy from the pain it has to endure throughout the workout. Sunday workout are all blood, sweat and tears. The blood is running through the veins during the run. The body’s movements are quick and agile. Longer, faster, lighter, smoother and stronger. The drops of sweat rolling down from your forehead into your eyes hurt.

After the session comes the reward that makes us forget the pain we have just endured. Some say the feeling in your body after a workout is more powerful than any chemically induced high. The breathing slows down and we remove our sweaty clothes. We cool down and do some stretching exercises in warm and comfortable clothes. After a shower and a cup of coffee, the calm feeling spreads throughout the body making us ready to wake up early next Sunday as well, ready to take on yet another tough workout.

Ragge Sweatshirt – a celebration

Ragge Sweatshirt, this green sweatshirt for men, is a celebration of all those coaches that show up every Sunday morning and all other days, every week. A celebration of all the coaches that support, push, challenge and make athletes grow and dare to push their own boundaries. All the coaches who tirelessly show up to the track early mornings to prepare for yet another workout. All the coaches that put everything else in their lives on hold to provide support for and help others develop. All the coaches who make us dedicate our entire lives to better ourselves and push ourselves a little bit harder each day. Just like you did, coach Ragge. You were there every day of the week until the very end of your life. With your red hair and great moustache. Thank you for all that you have done.

green sweatshirt for men
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