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knitted beanie in navy

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Navy merino beanie

This navy merino beanie is named after the small community Västanede in Jämtland, where the runner Gunder Hägg laid the foundation for an amazing running career that resulted in 15 world records. Västanede Beanie is a warm beanie knitted in Sweden. Use it as a casual garment or for training in cold conditions. Match nicely with, for example, the running gloves in the same colors, Åsunden Gloves Navy.

  • Knitted in Sweden
  • Oekotex standard 100
  • Unisex
  • Colors: Navy blue and mustard yellow
  • Attached label with YMR logo on the front of the hat
  • 50% merino wool and 50 % acrylic
  • Warm garment for cold conditions
  • One size



This navy merino beanie is named after the region, Jämtland’s forests in the northern parts of Sweden, where a senseless running career took off. In the book Frontlöparen, the author Björn Lundberg writes about the runner Gunder Hägg who during the years 1938-1945 set 15 individual world records in the middle distance. Among Jämtland’s forests and mountains, in the small community of Västanede, the foundation was laid for this fantastic running career. On a farm near Västanede, Gunder Hägg was a farmhand at a young age and here he also received guidance from the farmer Fridolf Westman, who became his coach.

Trails in the Nordic landscape

Between the work shifts on the farm, Gunder ran intervals and distance shifts among bogs and slopes in the beautiful but also physically demanding Jämtland landscape. Regardless of the season, Gunder was out in the woods and on the land and just like the farm’s former farmhand, Henry Jonsson, Gunder became a world class runner. At that time, the training was adapted to the place and the season, which meant that there was also a lot of skiing for Gunder Hägg. Trail running was not in their vocabulary at the time, but it was already understood then that running in this kind of environment built both character and physique to run on the fast track during the summer months, where they even broke world records.

New wool collection

In the development of our new wool collection, we have been inspired by life as a runner in Västanede in Jämtland. The running in our Nordic climate, the seasons and not least the mighty nature in the north with the forest and mountains are the basis for our first wool garments. The colors are as usual classical and the fabrics are light and smooth. The garments are created to keep you warm without feeling clumsy. These are clothes for trail running but they work in many different environments and for many different sports. This is a navy merino beanie made of a fabric that we knitted here in Sweden. The beanie is also available in mustard yellow and they match nicely with our other YMR collection of classic colors such as Änggården Men’s Tights Wine red and the running gloves Åsunden Gloves Navy.

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