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Åsunden Beanie Navy is a warm, navy running beanie with a yellow logoThe model is unisex and onesize with great durability. The fabric has great stretch and the beanie fits anyone who is looking for a beanie in a cooler climate. Åsunden Beanie comes in the colours black, navy and burgundy. Wear this navy running beanie with Åsunden Men’s Hoodie Black and Änggården Men’s Tights Navy

  • Light weight 
  • 100 % polyester made from recycled plastics 
  • Soft and warm fabrics 
  • Durable and moisture-wicking 
  • Yellow log  
  • Tight fitting and stretchy material 
  • One size 
  • Unisex 
  • Designed and knitted in Sweden 

Build up season

The only thing reminding us that summer was recently here, is the freckles of our skin. Now, the temperature is close to freezing and our breath is starting to create smoke as our breathing becomes heavier when we’re running along the beautiful shore. The strong wind hits our faces and we are struggling and fighting with our arms to keep momentum. The air is filled with oxygen and gives our lungs well deserved energy. This is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle that makes our heart and soul stronger. The navy running beanie is on to stay warm.  

Here, up in the north, people both love and hate this time of the year, as the light disappears and the long fall and winter is coming closer. It’s a mix of melancholy and expectations a as this is also the buildup season. The performance wear of the colder season must handle the demands of functionality, lightness and the ability retain heat. The build-up season is where dreams and targets are set. Tough running sessions are one with nature and both physical and mental strength are set.  

Local and recycled

The Åsunden collection is named after the great lake situated in the middle of Västergötland County where we knit our collection. Our producers are so close to each other that we could run between the villages where fabrics and fashion have been produced for generations. This is where we knit all the fabrics of the Åsunden collection – warm running wear made from recycled plastics. Because we want to run today and we want to run tomorrow. We have worked hard to create light fabrics that are warm and have all the functionality needed for running in colder climates and at the same time gives you the feeling of great flexibility. Pair this warm navy running beanie with for example Änggården Men’s Tights Navy and Åsunden Men’s Hoodie Black.

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