Track Attack Singlet (Eng)

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Chest width

Place the item on a flat surface and the measure from 1 cm below the arm pit to the other side of the item.


Back length

Measure from the center back on the neckline to the end of the item.


S50cm / 19 3/4"60cm / 23 5/8"
M52cm / 20 1/2"62cm / 24 3/8"
L55cm / 21 5/8"64cm / 25 1/4"
XL58cm / 22 7/8"66cm / 26"

Measurements are in centimeters (cm) first followed by inches (").

Track Attack Singlet


Size Guide

The Track Attack Singlet is a super retro running singlet made from 95 % polyester from recycled PET-bottles and 5 % elastane. The wine red running singlet is in navy over the chest and our logo comes in mustard. With selected premium fabrics that breathe and have a great fitting, we hope that the singlet will give you super powers when running that last set of intervals or when climbing the giant hill of the race. You can also wear it for amazing insta moments and candle light dinners. You decide! Like the rest of our collection, this singlet is designed and knitted in Sweden.

Track Attack

The Track Attack Singlet is a wine red running singlet made attack the fast surface. Stadiums around the world are different from each other; Big, small, modern, retro, made from wood, bricks, concrete, located in the forest, by the ocean or in the city. It´s the same thing with the surface, they vary in materials of mondo, tartan, grass or even sand. But one thing always stay the same; a 400-meter track that demands speed, endurance and mental strength. The idea of running the same track, over and over again. Some people love it. Others can’t even stand the thought of it. It’s on the track we run the fastest. Souls of strengths and weaknesses are revealed in the open. This is where Spartans are born, or buried.

Need for speed

As we pass the finish line, it feels like yet another one world record set at Stockholm´s Olympic Stadium. We hear cheering from the crowd of the past, and from when legends sprinted the same paths back in the days. Today we are on the track, in the Track Attack Collection.

In the singlet we use (as in collection Norr Mälarstrand) recycled polyester. The singlet and socks are made for running in our Nordic climate with four different seasons. Together with Norr Mälarstrand Shorts, Tights and Head (Bang) Band, this is a retro running collection extra all!

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