Sun Run Ladies Sweatshirt (Eng)

Measure like this

1/2 Chest width

Place the garment on a flat surface. Measure 1 cm / 3/8" beneath the arm pit to the other side of the garment (1 cm / 3/8" beneath the armpit).

Sleeve length

Measure from the center back of the neckline at the seam to where the sleeve ends.

Back length

Measure from the center back of the neckline at the seam to where the garment ends.

Size1/2 Chest widthSleeve lengthBack length
XS46 cm / 18.1"81 cm / 31.9"58 cm / 22.8"
S48 cm / 18.9"82,50 cm / 32.5"60 cm / 23.6"
M50 cm / 19.7"84 cm / 33"62 cm / 24.4"
L53 cm / 20.9"86 cm / 33.9"64 cm / 25.2"
XL56 cm / 22"88 cm / 34.6"66 cm / 26"

Measurements are in centimeters (cm) first followed by inches (").

Sun Run Ladies Sweatshirt

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Size Guide

Limited edition off-white sweatshirt for women

  • Normal fit
  • Designed and knitted in Sweden
  • Ökotex Class 1 certified
  • Satin label on lower right side in navy
  • 98% cotton and 2% polyamide
  • Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees

This is a limited sweatshirt for men in the Sun Run collection. It is made from a premium fabric and fits equally well for both training and leisure. The sweater has a normal fit and it is designed and knitted in the heart of Sweden’s textile district Sjuhärad. With its creamy white color and print in yellow and navy blue, it fits perfectly with, for example, Utö Shorts Wine Red and Utö Compression Socks. The model is 158 cm tall and is wearing a size S.

Among Sami people and reindeers

This is an off-white sweatshirt for women that is part of the Sun Run collection, which is a unique and limited collection developed together with the classic brand Karhu.

Far up in northern Sweden and Finland among Sami villages, reindeer fields and open plains, the character of summer is unique. The sun never goes down and the light that has been gone for a large part of the year is now back during all hours of the day. Midsummer is the big festivity and something we in Sweden celebrate around the country. The light and the sun take place and the roads that were once full of snow and ice are now dry and fast again. The runner meets the wild nature and the light allows you to train in the beautiful nature.

The Sun Run 1987

To celebrate the midnight sun, the 1983 Sun Run race was organized. The race took place from the northernmost parts of Finland to Sweden during the Midnight Sun. Together with the classic brand Karhu, we have created the limited collection Sun Run, which is a tribute to the classic race and to the midnight sun. After more than a year of restrictions, we also finally get to meet and together we will run the race again from Finland to Sweden. This time it is not a competition, but we unite across national borders to experience running in a fantastic nature together. Because that’s what running is for us. It is not a competition, but a lifestyle with joy, community and experience.

A limited edition collection

The collection we release is limited. With singlets, t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women. Karhu also releases the shoe Ikoni which is developed only for Sun Run. With cool colors in off-white, navy and mustard yellow, the collection is adapted for the summer’s bright nights. As usual, we have designed and knitted the collection in Sweden’s Textile District Sjuhärad. The fabrics are ÖKOTEX Class 1 certified, the singlets are from 100 % recycled PET bottles according to the Global Recycle Standard. This is an off-white sweatshirt for women that matches nicely with, for example, Utö Shorts in yellow and burgundy, Head (Bang) Band Off-white and Utö Compression Socks Off-white.

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