Söder Mälarstrand Ladies Singlet (Eng)

Measure like this:

Chest width

Place the item on a flat surface and the measure from 1 cm below the arm pit to the other side of the item.

Length of garment

Measure from the center back of the neckline to the end of the item.

Waist Width

Measure from one side to the other at the waist.

Size1/2 Chest WidthLengthWaist
XS37cm / 14.556cm / 2236cm / 14.2
S39cm / 15.457.50cm / 22.638cm / 14.9
M41cm / 16.159cm / 23.240cm / 15.7
L44cm / 17.361cm / 2443cm / 16.9

Measurements are in centimeters (cm) first followed by inches (").

Söder Mälarstrand Ladies Singlet Navy



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Navy ladies running singlet

  • Normal fit
  • Light weight
  • New mesh-like quality
  • Logo in white and burgundy on chest
  • Moisture transporting
  • Reflex on back
  • 100% recycled polyester according to Global Recycle Compliance CRS 4.0
  • Designed and knitted in Sweden
  • Ökotex Class 1 certified
  • Blue sign print
  • Color: Navy with white details

The Söder Mälarstrand Ladies Singlet Navy is a given garment in our collection of light and functional garments adapted for running and the singlet and shorts are a tribute to our team’s victory in Stockholm City Relay in 1950. The Söder Mälarstrand Ladies Singlet Navy has white details and through innovative solutions, we have developed a high-quality lightweight fabric with a lot of stretch. The fabric is moisture-transporting with high functionality. Wear it with the Söder Mälarstrand Shorts Navy & Utö Compression Socks for a complete look.

Stockholm City Relay 1950

The inspiration for this navy ladies singlet comes from Sunday 21 May 1950 and the Stockholm City Relay. The race was a thrilling duel through Stockholm with a jubilant audience along the streets cheering on the runners. It was an even race and Ymer was by no means the favorite in the relay. When it was time for the last distance over 5 km, it turned out that Gösta Jacobsson from our team IK Ymer, was up among the top three teams. When the runners turned into the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, the audience was ecstatic. Now it would be decided! Gösta was very strong and fought down the other runners and our team managed to win the entire Stockholm City Relay. The finish is classic as the leader Sten Bussqvist opens his arms at the finish line to receive Gösta Jacobsson.

Söder Mälarstrand

Whether the runners ran along Söder Mälarstrand does not tell the story. The predecessor to the Söder Mälarstrand collection was called Norr Mälarstrand. Both are collections with a classic design that takes us back to the era of Stockholms City Relay. At the same time, both Söder- and Norr Mälarstrand are two magical places in Stockholm for running, where the city’s pulse meets the water. Here, runners have gathered on the weekends for many years to run alone or with other runners.

We are now updating our split shorts and singlets with a new fit, new mesh-like functional material that is more elastic and durable. They are also lighter and thinner. The fabric has excellent moisture-transporting properties and is designed for running. We still knit the fabric in Sjuhäradsbygden in Sweden from recycled plastic according to Global Recycle Compliance CRS 4.0 and it is also Ökotex Class 1 certified. Feel free to read more about our sustainability work HERE.


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