Our ambition is to do things differently, because we want to run today and we want to run tomorrow. YMR Track Club offers sustainable performance wear inspired by classical sports moments. We have added technical innovation and functionality to create performance wear for athletes of today.

YMR Track Club’s heritage is from the textile district of Sweden, Sjuhärad. Here, we have the knowledge of producing high quality fabrics and fashion that last and have the technical and functional characteristics needed to perform in sports. In Sjuhärad, we also have the internationally known Fashion College that drives innovation in the fashion business.

“Fashion and textiles are in the DNA of the Sjuhärad district. This is where for example my grandfather used to have a shirt factory back in the days and I’m proud to pass on the legacy to technical and sustainable performance wear” says founder and Olympic athlete Peter Häggström Lindecrantz.


Our local production is the foundation in our philosophy. By procuring locally, we reduce the carbon footprint. Our fabrics are knitted and woven here in the Sjuhärad district and sewing is also made locally and in the Baltics. This means that the clothes are shipped no longer than 520 km from factory to the warehouse. Shorter transportation means less pollution.

The result of small scale production is also fewer drops and collections per year. We start new collections with smaller volumes to avoid overproduction that is one of the biggest environmental problems in the industry.

Our ambition is also that most of our performance wear should be able to match each other, so that our customers are able to build their “YMR wardrobe”. This is also a part of our sustainability approach.

Here are some other examples of the work we are doing with sustainability:

  • We only use polyester from recycled plastics in our running collections. Our suppliers are certified with Global Recycled Standard.
  • All fabrics are certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX® class 1
  • The factory where we produce the main part of our collections are certified in accordance with GOTS (global organic textile standard), which has strict standards for the environment and health and safety.
  • The factories is ISO 14001 certified for environmental management.
  • The dye-works does not use toxic dyestuffs and has a closed system whereby water and heat, for example, are re-used.
  • The factory where we produce the main part of our collections have an environmental audit every year.
  • Our transfer prints FX have the highest eco-standard in the business. They are free from PVC and certified bluesign®, OEKO-TEX® class 1.
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