" Late summer – when one season ends and another begins. For us runners, this means that the foundation must be laid at the same time as the air gets cooler and the leaves start to change color. In Sweden, we call this season ”Brit summer”. This time of year means a mix of melancholy that summer is coming to an end and anticipation for the time of year when the foundations for new fast summers will be laid. The changes of the season are clearly reflected in our new fall collection of race- and off-race wear "

Peter Häggström Lindecrantz

Founder & CEO


The coffee both warms and kicks off the body in the early morning hours where we gather on the jetty. In recent months, the sunlight has been up day and night up here in the north, but now the mornings are getting darker and colder again. Now we start to dress warmer and the wind gently blowing in the wind as we go over the day's workout in our heads.



We warm up and stretch the muscles that we know will be subjected to the trials of the day; Calves, hamstrings and hips are stretched while we take deep breaths to relax. Everyone is aware that injuries during the build-up season mean that you fall behind in training planning and being out of sync from the start is a situation no one wants to end up in. That's why we put extra focus on waking up the body.


The training group changes and gets ready. Running is a lifestyle that makes our hearts and souls stronger. Being able to share this with others makes it both more fun and more effective. YMR Track Club's fall collection reflects the colors of autumn and is developed for the trail, track and road.

The garments are tested in the terrain at Djurgården not far from YMR Track Club's new clubhouse on Grevgatan in Stockholm. We know this place like our own home. We run alone and we run with friends. With slightly longer steps. More often. The running equation is exactly that simple and difficult.



Longer distances will be mixed with intervals and the first steps towards a new season starts here. The water, the forest and the silence have a meditative effect on our mind. Every movement and breath that awaits is part of something bigger. We create visualizations where we see ourselves having a little more energy, being strong and healthy.


This is holy ground for all the city's runners and an oasis in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle. The bridges, the fields, the canal and not least the forest provide the variety we are looking for to build our running character. Åsunden Hoodie, Västanede Merino T-shirt and Merino Long Sleeve are the tops we match with Söder Mälarstrand and Österlen Tights, which we are now releasing in new colors. The day is filled with kilometers that become miles at the end of the day.


It's no secret that the post-workout moment is what many of us train for. The fatigue in the body combined with the knowledge that you have given everything is like a drug for many runners. After a much-needed shower, the off-race clothes are back on and the shared recap of the session is part of what the community is built on.


Expectations, goals and visions are reviewed. Because this is the beginning of a journey of many miles as we eventually sum up the build-up season. With workouts, laughter and determination along the way. All in a collection created from premium fabrics developed for the modern runner.