This past year has been truly special for us here at YMR Track Club. With many milestones reached as a brand and a community, we wanted to reflect on 2023 with some of our highlights.

In 2023 we have launched more garments than ever into our performance wear collections. We travelled to new places and put our running wear to the test. We worked on unique collaborations with some amazing brands, and we have continued to work with some inspiring runners and athletes who we are proud to have represent YMR Track Club.

Back in March we released our first ever performance sunglasses along with Swedish eyewear brand Vasuma. We formed a vision that we wanted to create the best and most stylish sunglasses for runners on the market. We took all our experience from athletics and running and contacted the Swedish brand Vasuma, which creates premium glasses for customers all over the world.

Together we have spent months working on concept and design in the creation of Massanella Performance Sunglasses that are made in Italy. Massanella has a “non reflective” lens from Zeiss in black azure with a black frame. They also come in a burgundy frame with the same “non reflective” lens which is gold colored.. With its light weight and “high performance non reflective lens”, the sunglasses are a given product not only for runners, but also for cyclists and skiers.


Massanella Performance Sunglasses YMR Track Club
Massanella Performance Sunglasses Burgundy/Gold  YMR Track Club

To test our our Spring/Summer Collection, we headed for a weekend of running in a place that inspires the heart and pushes the body to go further and faster. In the Lombardy Region surrounding Lake Como, the winding roads are usually dominated by small cars and cyclists. But for one weekend, it belonged to us, the runners.

We took our passion for sports, fashion and the small details which help us reach faster times and longer distances, to help us create our biggest ever Spring/Summer Collection.


Lysekil Men's T-Shirt Green. YMR Track Club

Maria Akraka was a shining star in the middle distance and was often seen at the in front of the group at everything from the WC and Olympics and the Diamond League. With a mother from Sweden and a father from Nigeria, she was born in London, but grew up in Sweden. Stockholm Olympic Stadion was for several years her home field, where she also trained.

We brought Maria back to the stadium that has been a big part of her career, which she ended 23 years ago. It was a nice chat combined with training and shooting of our new collection Stockholm 1912, as well as parts of the new garments we at YMR Track Club are releasing this summer and autumn.


When the Summer season ends and Autumn begins. For us runners, this means that the foundation must be laid at the same time as the air gets cooler and the leaves start to change color. The changes of the season were clearly reflected in our Fall/Winter collection that we tested out in the heart of Stockholm's Djurgården.

This is holy ground for all the city's runners and an oasis in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle. The bridges, the fields, the canal and not least the forest provide the variety we are looking for to build our running character. The day was filled with kilometers that become miles at the end of the day.


Åsunden Ladies Hoodie Petrol Hoodie YMR Track Club


At YMR Track Club, we have the good fortune to work with some amazing athletes. We are proud to have not only great runners, but great people representing the brand. We try to follow the running journeys of all our brand ambassadors as they push for the extra miles and kilometres.

Here are some of our club members highlights from 2023.


"It has been a lot of ups and downs for me this year. After an unsuccessful Boston Marathon, where I ran poorly tactically, my main goal for the summer became to run fast in the 10,000m (Low 29 minutes or under 29). I had 2 months of good training in June and July and a couple of races. One of the races was the half marathon nationals, where I managed to get the bronze medal.

At the Swedish Athletic Championships in Söderhamn, I managed my main goal by running 10,000m in 29.09.The plan was then to train for my next race, Helsingborg Half marathon, but at the beginning of August I got injured and couldn't run anything at all for just over 2 months. I had been looking forward to that race for a long time so it was sad to have to cancel it.

YMR Track Club was a partner of the Helsingborg Marathon and they had a nice booth at the start and finish area. So it was fun to be there even though I didn't run and hang out with the YMR Track Club and enjoy the great atmosphere that the race offered"


"My 2023 highlights was that I took third place in crossfit competition (individually) and second place in Hyrox Stockholm (men double). I’ve done plenty of competitions and races recently and hope  I can stay healthy and fit next year because: I love to compete!

Another highlight was the very early-in-the-morning photo/video shoot I did for YMR track club and Samsung Sverige. It was a beautiful morning at Djurgården, Stockholm"


"My highlight this year was my coming back after my injury and running Berlin and Frankfurt Marathon. And I won the Tierparklauf Berlin second time in a row this year, what's really crazy and I'm happy with that. But the best thing about 2023 is that I learned a lot about my body and my running and what I need to do to get stronger and healthier with my running.

Of course the running clothes of YMR Track Club are always by my side when I'm running or when I'm racing. I'm still huge fan of the leggings and shorts and of course of the tops and long-sleeved shirts."


This year I have taken the opportunity to travel as much as I can, which has made both training and racing more fun. I spent a good month in the Arizona Deserts, enjoying the mountains and training with good friends there. In june I raced Eurotrip, a 400 km relay race from Cologne, GER to Strasbourg, FRA with the Sweat Elite team, where we somehow took the win with 17 seconds after more than 25 hours. It was an unforgetable experience. In the summer I spent a few weeks in the Norwegian mountains training and working and found the love for the mountains even more.

In the fall season I ran and placed third in Hoka Helsingborg Half Marathon and had another good run at Lidingöloppet placing 12th, which I was very happy with. I rounded off the year by trying my wings at the Golden Trail Final race down in Italy. It was probably the toughest race experience I have had, but wow, it was fun. All in all I have tried to have as much fun as I can with the sport and see where it takes me, and it seems to produce some results.