Boston, the oldest marathon in the world is just a few weeks away now and if you’ve secured a place then you are in for a real treat. One of the marathon majors, this special race sees the city come to life over marathon weekend. Every runner is considered a champion with support like you’ve never seen before - without doubt this is one of the best race experiences you’ll ever have.

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Our Brand Ambassador Mustafa Mohamed will be on the start line this year. We took some time out of his training schedule to ask him for some top tips for race week. Often this is a challenge with the temptation to keep running and to keep doing more. But race week is all about trusting the process – knowing that your training is done, reflecting on the hundreds of miles you have completed in training sessions in all weather - rain, sun, snow. Now it’s time to focus your mind on getting your body ready to run a great race. So take 5, sit back relax and take on board Mustafa’s top tips.

Mustafa Mohamed. YMR Track Club


Keep running easy for any run sessions you do. As an example, 5 days before race day I’ll do some easy intervals, 5-6km, 3km at marathon pace and 5 x 2mins slightly faster but I’ll make sure I am properly warmed up and make time to cool down after. I’ll also fit in an easy 10km run. I will rest completely 2 days before race day.

Mustafa Mohamed YMR Track Club


Eat well and keep hydrated. This is so important. Think about your energy intake. For me, I will make sure I eat good quality carbohydrates in the days leading up to race day and drink lots of water. The two days before race day I will decrease my protein and fat and increase carbohydrate intake.


Get organized - it’s true that it is the simple things that make the biggest difference. Here’s my marathon checklist:

Check out the weather so you know what to expect and you wear the right kit.
Get your race kit ready with your bib number. I’ll be wearing my YMR favorites our Lysekil singlet and shorts and Åsunden compression socks.
Take a spare top for when you are waiting in the pen and some toilet roll never goes wrong.
Pack your energy for on course (if you are using your own)
Sort your travel and if necessary, accommodation plans – know how far you are from the start line and build in time to get there without rushing.
Pack your bag so you know everything is where it should be, remembering to take a change of clothes for after the race, fresh socks always feel good.
Work out your race plan, know what pace you will set off at as it’s very easy to go off too fast and know where you will take on energy on course – aim to do this every 5-6km so that you feel strong to the finish line.


Finally, look forward to race day. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, the sessions you’ve completed the hard work you’ve put in to get to this point. Remind yourself why you are doing this and be proud of your journey. Maybe put on a favourite running track, mine is Eminem “Till I collapse” - this gets my mind in place for what I am about to do – you’ll have your own track that does the same thing, I am sure. I’m really looking forward to experiencing Boston and all the magic of marathon weekend – the city, the crowds, the route – I can’t wait.

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