Another great run from another member of the club. Last weekend our Brand Ambassador Elisabeth Laufer took on the Frankfurt Marathon in her YMR Track Club gear. We took the opportunity to ask Elisabeth a few questions about her preparation, marathon strategy and of course her choice of performance wear.

"I started running in 2013 - slowly after a big sugery on my right foot. And my first race was 2014 in Mainz. I ran the halfmarathon together with my dad. He always ran and I started running at some point. Then at some point I joined a club and two friends took me to a marathon in 2017. That's when the love for long running and marathons was born.


Frankfurt Marathon 2022 was my 19th marathon so far. Running a marathon, I love the time you have with yourself and the mental struggle you have to fight with yourself over and over again. But it's not always just that, but also the other runners, the atmosphere at the track and the finish.

After I started too fast at the Berlin Marathon, I really wanted to enjoy the Frankfurt Marathon and take it slow. And that was the best decision. I slowed down the first few kilometres and was even able to go one better in the second half. Saving energy is usually the best decision. And the most important thing: still enjoy the marathon even though you run a personal best.


I didn't have a training plan. I don't want to follow a plan. I want to run the way I feel like it. I want to run long when I want to and I want to run fast when I want to. I have such a stressful job with so much planning and responsibilities, so I want my running to be free and without any boundaries. It is working quite good for me, because I love running so much and I don't have to motivate me a lot to do it.

I love the long runs. I love to be out in nature for a long time, on my favorite routes at the lake or in the forest. Two hours of podcast listening and time for myself, after a stressful and noisy day at work. That's what I love most about the long runs. And the weather really doesn't matter. I run for a long time even in the rain.


The clothes clothes I wear always depends on the weather. The windbreaker is perfect in windy and rainy weather and also has enough pockets to store tissues, keys and change. What I love about the pants (whether shorts or tights) are the pockets for my mobile phone on the side and for keys and co. on the back. And the fabric feels like a second skin.

Shorts, long compressions socks and top, if it's not too cold. I have enough pockets for the important things like mobile phone and energy gels. The socks are looking so good and they feel so good on the legs during a long race like the Frankfurt Marathon. 


I need to go out and to be outside in nature. So I don't need much to motivate me. Sometimes when the weather is really really bad in Berlin I run on the treadmill in my gym. But to be honest: there's no better feeling than finishing a long run in the cold weather, taking a hot shower and eating pasta afterwards. 


Be patient - you don't get a good or better runner overnight. You need time to get stronger and you need to give your body time to get stronger.
Enjoy it - enjoy the feeling of a good run, enjoy that you are healthy and sometimes a little pain is part of the process.
Build yourself a routine - routines are everything. Listening to a podcast, running on a favourite route, running at similar times can help to motivate and create spaces for a better running.