At YMR Track Club, our ambition has always been to do things differently. Our brand philosophy in centred around a local production strategy, which we believe is more important now than ever before.

YMR Track Club’s heritage is from the textile district of Sweden, Sjuhärad. Here, we have the knowledge of producing high quality fabrics and fashion that last and have the technical and functional characteristics needed to perform in sports.

“Fashion and textiles are in the DNA of the Sjuhärad district. This is where my grandfather used to have a shirt factory back in the days and I’m proud to pass on the legacy to technical and sustainable performance wear”

– YMR Track Club Founder & CEO, Peter Häggström Lindecrantz.


By procuring locally, we reduce the carbon footprint. Our fabrics are knitted and woven here in the Sjuhärad district with some sewing made close by in the Baltics. Shorter transportation mean less pollution & carbon emissions.


We are proud to introduce new garments to our collection that have been produced in their entirety here in Sweden. Our new Åsunden and Ängsö Socks are Made in the Textile District, Sjuhärad and are environmentally classified Ökotex Class 1. We now aim to take our collections to the next level with innovative production of performance wear for the conscious runner. Soon we will release the new Ängsö Collection which is also 100% made in Sweden.

As YMR Track Club grows and we expand the company into new markets, what we will never lose is our identity as a Swedish brand. We are proud of our Swedish heritage and the positive implications that come along with being a Scandinavian brand. Associations of high-quality, cutting-edge design and production. These are key elements of our company ethos, with the foundation being our local production strategy.


The most important thing for us within sustainability outside the local collection, is to create performance wear that last. Quality is essential as well as having a classic design that is timeless.

In our business, fast fashion in big volumes is one of the biggest threats to the environment. To avoid this, we always start our collections with small volumes to see if our customers like the new products. Using data, we can order bigger volumes when we see that the product sells.

We also use few colours in our collections, so that you can build your YMR collection and mix and match garments.

Here are some other ways  that we are working with sustainability:

. All (!) fabrics areOEKO-TEX®certified

. All prints areBluesigncertified

. All the recycled polyester is according toGRS(Global recycled standard)

. Our fabrics are not treated withbiocide

. The knitted fabrics are produced in a factory that is GOTS certified

We are proud of the work we are doing around local production and sustainability, but we will not stop here. We will continue to push for more sustainable output and more garments produced locally here in Sweden. Because we want to run today, and we want to run tomorrow..