The 1984 Plush Collection is a hommage to a transcendent time for sports & fashion. The collection is made to be worn off track, but the inspiration comes from a long heritage of achievement in track & field.


As runners, we are bound to our routines before and after every session. The time we set our alarm, the food we eat, and of course the garments we wear. As we make our way to the track, mentally preparing ourselves for a testing workout, what we demand is comfort, warmth and quality from our casual wear.


The 1984 Plush Collection may be inspired by our heritage in track & field, but is made to be worn before the session begins and after you complete your training goals. Filled with the endorphins of a good run, now you can change back into garments that look as good as they feel.


This collection is a tribute to a magical year, 1984. The music, the movies, the (crazy) haircuts, the sportswear and the mighty Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Now in 2023, the Plush Collection is taking us back to a more romantic time for sports & fashion.


" The Olympic Games in Los Angeles gave birth to my enormous interest in athletics. I was then eight years old. Sure, it was powerful to sit in front of the TV and watch Carl Lewis win four gold medals, but it was actually the man who came flying into the stadium during the opening ceremony that lit the flame within me. After that moment everything about the Olympic Games was the most powerful thought I had "

- Peter Häggström Lindecrantz

Founder & CEO


In the 1984 Plush Collection, we have tried to capture the style of athletics in the mid 80s and combine it with contemporary fabric production to create garments that are timeless in every sense of the word.

Using the finest Swedish fabrics and ecological cotton, we aim to create a collection that stands the test of time. Knitted in the heart of Sweden'd Textile District, the 1984 Plush Collection is inspired by the past, but designed for the future.