The UTÖ Collection contains compression socks, running cap, windbreakers and split shorts. The collection is made by athletes for the conscious athlete. Designed and knitted in Sweden, ÖKOTEX-certified fabrics and of polyester that is 100% recycled according to the Global Recycle Standard. Transfer print according to eco-standard Blueprint.


The inspiration for the Utö collection was born during a visit to the island of the same name, which is located in Stockholm’s archipelago. On this hot and sunny summer day, the water was colored turquoise, which is unusual in Sweden.


Together with the white sand on the beach, the meadows and the dry dirt roads, the visit evoked a longing to run in this beautiful setting. Unfortunately, the running gear was not packed this time, but on the boat on the way home, the Utö Collection slowly began to take shape. It was a tribute to a place made for running and where clothes with high functionality and closeness to nature are extremely present.


The Utö Collection is knitted and woven in Sweden from recycled plastic and made for running in warm conditions for runners who strive for simplicity. Because that’s what running is all about. One step after another. If you can push a little further and increase the stride length and also improve the frequency, it will go faster. The simplicity makes the competition of running fierce. But that’s what we love about this, isn’t it?


Our task at YMR Track Club is to contribute to the simplicity of running. The performance wear should be light and durable and contribute to a better running experience. We want to help cut hundreds that become seconds, which becomes minutes and hours in the end. In addition, our ambition is to create stylish clothes that you also want to wear in other contexts than training. With that attitude, we have developed the Utö Collection.