"What caught my eye at first about YMR Track Club was how beautiful the clothes were. I liked the colours and the style – it is unique – it’s retro. I also liked the fact it was founded in Borås, which is not far from me. I feel honored to be part of the brand"

Mustafa Mohamed

Sweden's Marathon Record Holder


I love that sustainability is an important foundation for the YMR Track Club. That their products are locally produced here in Sweden and that they use recycled material. So good with a sports brand that thinks about the future.

Malin Carlsson

YMR Track Club provides quality clothes for running. The design ,the colours and the actual material is top notch! The people behind YMR knows what they aim for -and makes the clothes from an angle of 100% sustainable materials - which makes it even more necessary to use! I love my running in YMR Track Club clothes!

Tim Bennett

I bought a blue sweater, so soft, so nice. Very fast delivery, great service! Recommend it , highly!

Daša Sinclair

I would recommend YMR to everyone!! I am completely sold, I think they are fantastically comfortable to wear and a very nice outfit. Suits everyone.


I buy clothes from YMR for my son all the time. Amazing design and quality. He also loves the colours which are all easy to combine with the entire collection. So far the navy and green ones are his favourites!

Cristina Vigeliusson


"Excellent quality and value for money. Made by runners for runners. Fits perfect and really good looking!"

Erik Westling

Happy to found this company. Great European quality. Fits perfectly and the shipping was lightening fast. Can only recommend.

Christian K

Great clothes, attention to detail and of course locally produced!

Erik Jakobsson Ögnelooh

Very happy! Premium quality and great fit, recommend.

Emma Gullström

Some of the best gear I have found out there. The fit and feel about it is just awesome. This is something I really can recommend

Jens Patric Svensson

Great products, high quality, durable with a distinct style.

Steve McKeever