We are incredibly excited to finally share about our new running collection, Bäckaryd, which we will be launching shortly. The collection is a tribute to the time and place where my passion for running was born.

Here is an exclusive preview of our biggest ever Spring/Summer running wear collection. Dropping in March, stay tuned..

I feel grateful for having learned to love running and track early in life. The place happened to be a small residential area in southern Sweden, which has now also given its name to our biggest and best collection ever. We continue to create garments that match our other collections, so that customers can continue to build their YMR wardrobe, which we hope will last a long time. In Bäckaryd, we use a lot of new premium fabrics, which we believe are perfect for running. Being durable yet lightweight and with good moisture-wicking properties, we can't help but be very proud of what we've created.

Peter Häggström Lindecrantz

Founder & CEO


Taking your first running steps is like opening the door to a new world, a world filled with freedom, discoveries, and above all, joy. Every step is a symphony of movement, a dance between you and the surface, whether it's on the track, trail, or road. In these moments, whether your steps are light or heavy, you feel a sense of achievement that awakens something within you – the joy of running. This joy is unique; it stems not only from movement but from overcoming oneself. Each breath you take as your feet move in rhythm, each time your heart beats in your chest, gives you a sense of life. You are not just moving; you are alive.


Taking your first running steps is the beginning of a journey filled with joy, discoveries, and personal growth. I took my first running steps in the small neighborhood of Bäckaryd in the middle of Sweden's textile district, Sjuhärad. The passion quickly set in, and I ran fast and often. The fact that the school was only about 200 meters away is probably a big reason why initially sprint became the running style I focused on in my youth, eventually leading me to a personal record of 10.30 seconds in the 100m.


Each run is an adventure. You discover new trails every day, see the world from new perspectives, and feel your muscles working in harmony. Small advances become great victories – perhaps an extra kilometer, a faster time, or even just the feeling of having gone out and moved. Each such victory fills you with a pride and joy that's hard to describe. To this comes moments of inner reflection. Running offers a chance to think, to clear your mind, to meditate in motion. There's a deep and personal joy in these moments of stillness in motion, where the only sound is your steps and your breathing.