My journey to work is clearly one of the most beautiful. The boat trip through Stockholm and then via Djurgården to Östermalm is something really special. I took the opportunity to get in a training session and at the same time test our new collection and also some of the new autumn garments.

- Peter Häggström Lindecrantz, Founder & CEO

Early morning and summer with sun in Stockholm is something else. I took the same boat that I take every morning. This early morning, the boat was almost empty, which it almost never is. Given that it was a bit chilly in the air, the new Åsunden Half Zip Hoodie in off-white/navy was a given garment.

This garment, which we will release after the summer, is both functional and stylish. The garment is worn without anything underneath and with a thin fleece layer on the inside, so it warms a little extra. This garment will be a given garment in the running wardrobe.


As usual, I jumped off the boat at the amusement park Gröna Lund, where me and the photographer Viktor made our way to the avenue a little further away. A perfect place to sprint some fast runs. With a personal best of 10.30 in the 100m, I love to run fast. After a little warm-up, I changed into the Änggården Singlet and Utö Shorts.

The feeling and much of the speed are still there, but the body has to fight a little more now. There were also a few intervals over the Djurgårdsbron before we moved on via Strandvägen to the YMR Clubhouse at Grevgatan 27.


As I have a passion for vintage sports cars, I was not disappointed when I saw this nice looking vintage Mercedes 560 SL at the crossroads to the Clubhouse. Perfect time to throw on the new 1984 Plush Sweatshirt Chocolate Brown and dream of running and cool sports cars from the past. It's time for this garment that so many love to get a new color.

After a quick change, I headed to the running track in Humlegården, which is a few blocks away. There I met Therese, who is our production manager and also a passionate runner. She was wearing the Änggården Ladies Windbreaker that we are launching this fall. This will be a staple in our women's collection this spring. The jacket also comes for men. She took the opportunity to run a few races on the track in the new Åsunden Lds Half Zip Hoodie together with Utö Tights.


Personally, I switched to Bäckaryd Men's Singlet Ochre. This is our lightest singlet in our collection and my personal favorite. The feeling of being on a running track and training is never wrong and I took the opportunity to do some running drills. Various combinations of exercises to strengthen muscles for posture and which also provide mobility.

It was an incredibly fun day and getting both training yourself and being the model of the day is not something I usually do. I hope you got some inspiration from the pictures of the new collection that will be released soon as well.

Have a great summer!

- Peter Häggström Lindecrantz, Founder and CEO.